4 Ways the SECTOR II Makes Your Life Easier as an Installer

It’s so easy to setup

The SECTOR II is the very embodiment of push button convenience. Simply follow the steps on the screen, et voila, you’re ready to go. The controller is also packed with loads of advanced features, and, thanks to the intuitive graphic interface, customising the system to suit your client’s requirements couldn’t be easier.

It’s designed for simplified installation

The mechanical design of the SECTOR II has been optimised to give you easy access to hardware and electronics, with improved cable routing ensuring a neat and tidy installation without the hassle.

It’s strong, very strong

Commercial sites are, by their very nature, more demanding then residential installations. There’s the high traffic volumes, constant movement, and, of course, environmental conditions…none of which are a match for the SECTOR II’s robust and durable housing, topped off with a powder-coated aluminium lid which protects the electronics from moisture. The SECTOR II traffic barrier can take a beating, but it never misses a beat of its own.

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