Centurion – Introducing our Commercial Solutions Range

We’re More Than Just a Gate Motor Company

Over the last few years, with us becoming a part of the world’s largest access automation brand, FAAC,as well as our commitment to strive towards innovation and continuous improvement,we are now more than just a gate motor company, as we have now expanded our offerings to now include world-class solutions for commercial properties, designed to meet the increasing security demands of high-volume sites such as office parks, residential complexes, airports, banks and government buildings, whilst also ensuring greater peace of mind and reliability.

Our commercial range solutions are built strong to withstand the harshest weather conditions, combining cutting-edge technology with the finest quality electrical and mechanical components to deliver exceptional performance, security, convenience, and peace of mind. Our range includes high-traffic volume industrial traffic barriers, roadway spikes (tyre killers), traffic bollards, turnstiles, automatic doors and gate motors for heavy-duty industrial applications.

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