Centurion – Time-Proven Security for Commercial Sites

Gate motors are an absolute staple of access control and offer a reliable and cost-effective means of preventing unauthorised access and promoting security and convenience.

As the first line of defence against criminal intrusion, gate motors are widely used in domestic and residential applications and have, over the years, become an integral part of the home security mix, delivering robust protection at primary access points. Their enduring popularity may also be attributed to the fact that they can be installed and maintained with relative ease, and certain contemporary models come equipped with graphic user interfaces, which greatly simplifies the commissioning of the system as well as providing easy access to diagnostics.

Many modern gate motors also boast advanced functionality and various high-security features such as time-barring technology and built-in intruder-detection alarms.

While gate motors have historically been viewed as a household appliance, rising security demands on commercial and industrial sites have prompted leading manufacturers to develop machines capable of automating extremely heavy gates and handling heavy traffic volumes. Additionally, these heavy-duty systems are constructed using only the most robust materials, making them suitable for use in harsh environments such as mines and factories.

A site’s security profile may be further improved by specifying a gate operator that is fast, as well as strong. Besides the obvious benefits to operational efficiency via streamlined entry and increased vehicle throughput, high-speed gate motors drastically reduce the likelihood of motorists being attacked while they are waiting for the gate to open or close.

Seamless integration with ancillary equipment, for example remote controls and access control keypads, makes gate motors a remarkably versatile and flexible security solution.

Due to the nature of industrial installations, the volume of vehicular traffic will be much greater. By ensuring that you install a commercial gate motor that is specified to offer a higher duty cycle, it will result in continuous operations without the need for the gate motor to ‘rest’.

If you are looking at a site that experiences more than 750 operations per day, follow our next blog post where we discuss the uses and benefits of high-volume traffic solutions such as traffic barriers and bollards.

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