Mobile & Robust Time and Attendance

ZKteco offer various options for Mobile T&A logging.  Devices have built-in detachable batteries lasting for up to 8 hours, and micro-USB power supply for power bank (minimum 2A) connections.   The D1 Portable Terminal is specially designed for table or counter use (80-140cm). With fingerprint sensor placed on top of terminal, it enables all-directional fingerprint reading for the convenience of attendance.

The unique S922 terminal is waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof featuring IP65 protection grade. The devices top handle with rubber coating enables users to carry the device from place to place easily without mobility damage.

The robust device is specifically useful for working environments with no network connections available and remote working sites, making it ideal for managing workforces that constantly move from one site to another

TCP/IP and USB-host are standard communication modes.

It also has options for GPRS and 3G (WCDMA) connectivity, which makes data management of workforce time & attendance extremely convenient for the type of industry.

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