Centurion was established in 1986 become the leading South African manufacturer of gate motors and access automation equipment. Centurion products are available through a network of competent distributors and installers in over 50 countries around the world. Security & Communication Warehouse stock a comprehensive range of Centurion products due to its world class reputation for quality and long lasting life expectancy.

  • Radio Receivers & Transmitters

    Most gate and garage motors will be fitted with some kind of Transmitter and Receiver to enable remote operations, but these are not the only devices that can be operated as such. Using receivers with relays enable almost any device to be operated remotely. Most transmitters and receivers operate at distances from 5-20 metres (depending on model), but long range models can reach 500 and even 1000 metres.

  • Intercoms

    Intercoms provide a means of identifying visitors at your premises without having to remove any barriers between you and them. While audio devices (such as phones) allow for good interaction, adding video allows the user to gauge the situation outside visually as well, being able to check the circumstances as well as the visitor. Both wired and wireless systems are available. Wired systems are more labour intensive to install, but the direct power supply ensures lower operational costs and higher reliability. Wireless systems on the other hand are more flexible, and ease of installation is better for non-technical persons.