Nemtek-banner Nemtek has become the benchmark in electric security fencing industry. The Nemtek group manufactures and supplies a full spectrum of energizers and fencing hardware for industrial, commercial and residential applications and is the product of choice to protect and deliver peace of mind. Security & Communication Warehouse stock a large range of Nemtek products, including energizers, electric fencing and fencing hardware and accessories.



  • High Voltage Outputs
  • Energizer Controls and Displays
  • Gate and Panic Button Inputs
  • Alarm Outputs
  • Battery Backup Systems


8J Merlin Stealth 1 Zone

The Nemtek Merlin Stealth is a powerful range of energizers, that can be used as simple high end security energizers and can also be programmed to offer a customised solution.


  • Single zoned energizers, the M15S, M18S ideal for security application
  • High voltage monitor will alarm when the live wires are tampered with
  • Earth wire monitor alarms when there is tampering with the earth wires
  • Easy to use tag switch for controlling the unit with a keypad being optional
  • Connectable to armed response
  • Gate monitor input monitors the position of the gate to indicate if the gate is open
  • Lightning and power surge suppression built in to reduce the possibility of damage due to power surges
  • Battery backup system in case of power failure
  • Intelligent power saving to extend the battery life and save energy
  • RS 232 output, which can be used to connect the energizer into a networked system

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