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Pet Stop – Kit Solar

A complete user friendly PetStop kit used to keep pets such as dogs and cats out of areas such as, flower beds, vegetable gardens and refuse areas. By installing a highly visible poly wire barrier you are able to limit your pets access to these areas. The pet gets to know which areas are off limits by identifying that the poly wire is the barrier and therefore it knows not to enter. Once the pet is familiar with the fence wire, the fence can then in many instances be turned off. The visual aspect is enough to deter the pet. The kit is supplied with everything needed for a 24m complete system and 125m of extra wire if needed for any extensions.


  • A complete 24m kit which includes:
  • 1 x Pet stop energizer
  • 1 x Solar panel and a 2Ah battery
  • 1 x Mounting bracket (for energizer and solar panel)
  • 8 x fibre glass poles
  • 24 x spring clamps (used with the 8 mm fibre glass poles)
  • 200m of poly wire
  • 1 x Nemtek warning sign
  • 1 x 850 mm Galvanised earth spike

READY TO GO. Can be installed on a wall top as well.

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