Western Digital

Western Digital is a leading global data storage brand that empowers people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content on a range of devices. Millions around the world put their trust in WD-brand products which in turn enable them to be in control of their content and give our customers the assurance and confidence they can re-experience and relive those moments they have saved on our devices in the future.

  • Video Recorders

    SCW stock a large range of Video Recorders for both Analogue AHD and advanced IP systems.  Our range provides all the functionality and features expected of the best high end systems. It offers some of the most advanced software packages available and software are licensed in bundles of smaller and larger channels.

  • Accessories

    High quality tools translate to high quality finishes on any project. Proper test equipment greatly increases the accuracy of troubleshooting and can cut many hours of frustration on site. VGA and composite converters are used to link old-style RCA video to the VGA connections now common on all monitors and devices. Converters for both ways (VGA in, RCA out and vice versa) are available. Crimping tools for all the different types of connectors used in the security sector are available. These high quality tools ensure properly terminated connections, allowing for many years’ trouble-free service. Camera testers are available from basic analogue only models to more advanced models with built-in multi-meters, LAN cable testers and IP camera support. A good tester is an invaluable tool for big installations, as they can save hours of time spent on trouble-shooting.